MLB 12 The Show : will have full use of the PlayStation Move controller.

Ninja Gaiden III: will be playable with PlayStation Move.

Sorcery: the game that most people said they would buy Move for.

Grand Slam Tennis 2: Tennis game being made with focus around PlayStation Move controls sounds like a winner to me.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: shooters & PlayStation Move just go together

BioShock Infinite: same as above

Resident Evil Chronicles HD: 2 RE LightGun games now in HD

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13: might be the same as this year or it could be better but either way it couldn't hurt to have a new Golf game to play with the PlayStation Move.

Just Dance 3 - 4 & all the other dance games that will pop up: hey people like these dancing games .

& with the PS3 new low price & Sony pushing for more family games next year we will be sure to see more PS Move games in 2012