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    Quote Originally Posted by kwesnoth View Post
    Bush would have won a third term if there was the rule only allowing 2 terms. Obama would have been smoked by Bush because no matter how many times people make fun of Bush, he was still a damn good president.
    yeah my imaginary chinese cat could have beaten Shrub in 2008. 25% approval rating ring a bell?


    I've said it before- RP is the most honest person in the GOP field. (Huntsman is a close 2nd)

    He's not bought and paid for, he's not telling you what he thinks you want to hear.

    That said- I doubt very much that he has any chance of actually winning the nom- he's simply not crazy ENOUGH and his ideas are too far out of line with what the people who historically decide the nom look for.

    Would be interesting though. He could follow an Obama 2008 strategy and get is "small" but active base to earna few victories.

    Here's an article I read on Politico the other day- thought it was interesting.
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    I am stunned that some people appear to love their Playstation(1,2,3) or Xbox(360) more than I love the Denver Broncos.
    Trust me, it's sad

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