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    Data Recovery

    Hey all, I have a question I hope you guys can help me out with.

    I have an 80gb Fat PS3 w/ 4 USB ports that YLOD'd on me last night. I don't really want to repair it, I'd rather just buy a new one so I don't have to worry, and get some of the newer features like bitstreaming.

    My question is: Is there any way I can get my game saves onto a my new system. I have an external hard drive dock that I can place any hard drive into. I also have computers with OSX, Win7 and Ubuntu at my house.

    The customer support rep at Sony suggested there may be a way to mount the internal hard drive from the Playstation onto a PC and add/remove the data from it.

    I read that "Graf_Chokolo" decrypted the PS3 HDD but I'm not sure if that applies to this situation.

    If anyone knows of a way I can get the data off the hard drive onto a new Playstation please help me out. No answer is too technical, I don't care what I have to learn to get this fixed.

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    Not that I know of mate, I think you may be stuffed.

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    The only thing I can think of is to try to at least get the 80 Gig working temporarily, and try to do a data transfer while it's still alive if you can. maybe a thermal paste reflow. There are places that will get it working for you for less than SONY, but the fix is temporary only or you can try it yourself via some vids on Youtube. I don't know about any software decrytption, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Good luck!

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    Sounds like a tough task. Like Tom said though i would try to get the 80 gig up and running for a little while and do a data transfer.

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    Bro, Sony has like a 75$ offer to move your HDD to your new PS3 as long as you have your old one. Just call them.

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