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    Quote Originally Posted by keefy View Post
    I used to be skinny tin ribs and tall for my age it was hard to find pants that fit me properly, in fact they never fit me at all, to get the length I needed a waist 2 inches too big so they were always baggy around the waist and arse and hung more on my hips than anything.

    Since becoming 30 I have put weight on so my pants fit properly but because I have been wearing pants too big for so long I don't like it so will buy pants with the waist too big.
    Ever heard of that invention called a belt?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Versus View Post
    I mean, come the $#@! on man, didn't we all learn how to put on cloths when we were little? I can't tell you how many times a day I see young people, men and women alike ALL wearing pants that don't fit their sorry stupid asses.

    And folks, it's not just the gansters that wanna sag their pants it's an assload of other people too! I see alot of fat people's cracks cus when they bend over they aren't wearing proper clothing to support their nasty ass. But you don't even need to be fat to see cracks all day long, it's the skinny people too. It's like half the people I see on a daily basis, I see their underwear alot when their doing things, even when I'm not even trying to pay attention to them..

    Oh and it gets worse my friends. Guess what I saw the other day? I saw a women walking around (not bending over) and she's soo dumb that her nasty crack was showing as she was walking upright. And it was very obvious.

    WTF people? Go to mall, try on multiple pants, and choose the one that fits you properly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Libra-75 View Post
    Ever heard of that invention called a belt?
    Sorcerer. Witchcraft.

    I used them but still either too tight or too loose.

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    Dicks ars the problems and tue solve it, you need to re-size
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