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    Best, wildest concept cars of 2011

    So this blew my mind away. I'm loving the flake concept car a lot.

    Mercedes-Benz F125

    Trying to develop a car that is totally emission-free is no easy task, but that is what Mercedes-Benz is aiming for in the luxury segment of the future with its F125 concept. The Mercedes F125 intends to incorporate a hybrid electric/hydrogen engine, which would achieve distances of up to 1000 kilometers without having to recharge, and offer semi-autonomous driving.
    The luxury concept would also feature an equally impressive array of technologies within its interior such as gesture controls, a 3D projection-beam for displaying navigation information -replacing more traditional instrument displays, and stunning gullwing doors that allow access to both front and rear passenger seats.
    You know what sucks? They're concepts, and for the next 10 years, more or less, we'll have normal looking cars that look nothing out of a cool sci-fi movie like Minority Report or I, Robot.

    my fave...I would love to drive this in GT5. Fingers crossed it becomes DLC.

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    Ehh... I don't get why that one needs a hundred different pieces of paneling on the body.

    This one is my favorite, used in the MI4 movie


    and this one is pretty sweet too:


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    I would drive that BMW 328 today. Looks great.

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    I can't believe that at the Detroit Auto Show Chrysler is trying to pass this off as a concept car. They call it the new Dodge Dart.

    Our eagle eyed European readers may recognize this as the Alfa Romeo Guilietta.

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