Last December Naughty Dog unveiled an elusive PS3 exclusive at Spike’s ‘Video Game Awards’ titled The Last of Us -- screenshots can be found here. Shrouded in mystery, the game quickly gained mass attention which spurred speculation about the game’s premise, character connection, & type of gameplay the game will deliver when it sees release in late 2012/early 2013.

Today new details on the game’s gameplay have been shared & it is sounding like The Last of Us will deliver an experience that is quite the departure from Uncharted.

In the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine, they have a cover story about The Last of Us & as subscribers get their copies, details revealed in the issue are beginning to surface. A forum user on GameTrailers has shared some of the details from the magazine & they help paint a clearer picture as to what to expect from The Last of Us.

According to the details posted, The Last of Us won’t be as linear as Uncharted; however, it also won’t be an open-world game. Players will be able to enter various locations like coffee shops but doing so is completely optional. In the debut trailer, you saw Joel and Ellie scavenging for ammo & that was for a reason as ammo shall be in short supply, so gunfights will not play a major role like they have in Uncharted. Joel and Ellie will work together but details on how they will weren't revealed, though it is said it won’t be in an obvious manner.


-Not as linear as the Uncharted games but not open world, you can choose to go into places such as a coffee shop but its optional

-Ammo is in short supply, so don't expect shootouts like in uncharted.

-There will be situations where you have to help the other, but not in an obvious way.

Not a whole lot of info yet but ill post more as it becomes available.