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    ADULT Clan MW3 - TMHK

    Hello gentlemen. You may remember me posting some tomahawk gameplay/montages from Black Ops. Well, since the addition of Clans, I have started up one in the name of TMHK. See below for some more information.

    WE ARE NOW UK RECRUITING TOO! And we have a clan battle this Sunday, at 8PM GMT. I will try to live stream on our site, if anyone wants to check it out.

    We are currently a small clan of people who just play the game to have fun. Do we want to win? Of course, but that doesn't mean that we have to be serious about it. Most of the people already involved with the clan have been playing together since the MW2 days when we met on a popular Subaru Off Topic board. Currently we have 22 members and are LIVE and active on Call of Duty Elite. In addition, we have a clan YouTube channel and we can upload/edit your MW3 clips.

    - Age Limit/s: We are adults and are looking for other adults.

    - Times we play: During the week it's usually after 5pm. Weekends can be anytime.

    - Microphone: Yes/no? Not important but if you have one all the better.

    - Stat Requirements: There are no stat requirements but you have to be able to hold you own most of the time. If playing an objective game play the objective. Your 84-1 Domination game doesn't matter if you have 0 captures or defends.

    - Preferred Game Mode: We play it all

    - Who to contact: On the PSN either Nameless1488 or iamcuddles

    - Clan Website:

    Thanks for taking a look at us and please feel free to join us in some games and see if we'll be a good fit for each other.

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    Thanks for the move! Sorry about that

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    BUMP it up baby!

    Join us for our weekly $#@! em up Friday (FEUF) private matches tonight! Over 15 people usually in these lobbies. Always signing up for Elite competitions. Random 1v1/3v3 tournaments. Scavenger hunts. Weekly clan scrims. Community website.

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