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Good post. I've been playing Resident Evil since 96-97 when I was a kid. I'll never forget the music and just sheer creepiness of that game. It just felt like a zombie was gonna pop out anytime.

My older brothers introduced me to it, and I got hooked on the series at a young age. I remember my bro's coming home from their friends house and bragging about this game they just played called Resident Evil.

I'm very disappointed in the direction that the Resident Evil series has taken. These newer Resident Evil's do not have the same feel as the older ones. It feels like an entirely different series to me, but with the Resident Evil name.
I agree. Man, I remember going and buying the game. I was so excited. I loved the cover art and the pictures on the back had me so curious. The music of the game was fantastic like you said, a slow and lonely dirge. The fixed camera angles were as much a part of the games character as the music was.

Resident Evil was a title a kin to MGS for me, the very mention of a new title (up until 4) had me completely hyped, now I really couldn't care ANY less. RE6 is just a cookie cutter TPS game with zombies and the Resident Evil brand, as I said.

My fondest memory was playing in the middle of a night at a friends place. I didn't have my memory card with me so it was technically hardcore mode lol. I got upto the shark and I had to stop playing.My nerves were so wrecked! lol My nerves were totally $#@!ed haha.