Just finished the demo. Not impressed. As I feared, too heavy on the action and not enough horror.

Leon's part was okay, but seriously...five headshots to take down one normal zombie?! That tells me that ammo will never be a problem in the game (bad for a "survival horror" series). I did like the stumbling over bodies, but then not reaching to pick up supplies just seems that much more lazy in comparison.

Jake's part was worse, with its fast, gun-toting enemies. But it did let me play as Sherry, although with way more guns than she should be able to carry - at least give her model a backpack.

Chris' part was the worst, though, because it's so far removed from Resident Evil that it's a pointless mode. The only time I died in the whole demo was here, because I suck at modern warfare shooters and that is EXACTLY what this part is.

Well, since I've pre-ordered it (to get a nice Umbrella umbrella) I'll play through it, but I may not be able to call it "Resident Evil 6".