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    Quadratum Mortis PlayStation Move compatible Fighting game

    Lama-who? Quadra-what? From the deepest recesses of the unknown quantity comes a young development team brave enough to be working on a PS3 project of the rarest breeds: a 3rd party Move-only game.

    [UPDATE] Lamagama informed iWaggle3D that Quadratum Mortis will not be a Move-only game. As a matter of fact, it will be playable with a traditional DualShock 3 controller as well, albeit "of course the real experience will be via Move".

    The original game description the article below was based upon has since been modified to rectify the misunderstanding.

    Interestingly, it turns out Quadratum Mortis will allow to control sword and shield indipendently by wielding two Move controllers. Moreover, further investigation reveals that the dual Move set up will be a requirement, with no option to use just one motion controller (think Move Fitness rather than Medieval Moves/Sports Champions). That's right. You can either use a DS3 or two Moves. No "in-between" solutions.

    With regards to movement, Lamagama was kind enough to share a few details on the subject. First of all, the fights will be one-to-one affairs, your character automatically facing his opponent.

    To move around then, the developer indeed confirmed you "will be able to move while fighting, with the cross controller of Move".

    Which is when I started to get lost.

    Asked to clarify what a "cross controller" is, Lamagama sent me the following picture of a Move controller...

    ...along with this explaination:

    "One handle will control forward and backward and the other one will control left and right. Still we would prefer analog stick but we are limited by the technology PS3 offers to us."
    Not totally sure about how to interpret all that (what puzzles me is why you would apparently need to dedicate each Move to controlling momevent along a specific axis when a single one could easily behave as a multi-directional joystick - see The Fight), I asked for further clarification, but I've yet to get back from the developers. I'll update this post as soon as I do.

    Finally, as for the release plan, Quadratum Mortis won't come out this year, but is scheduled for January 2013. The team (which is now 12 people strong) is currently looking for a publisher.

    [ORIGINAL] Based in Ankara, Turkey, Lamagama Entertainment was founded by Nilay Yuce (a former researcher at The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) and Gokhan Ertem (an ex-process control engineer for Turkish Aerospace Industries) in January 2009. Since then, it hasn't released a single game for any major console. And yet here they are, introducing Quadratum Mortis, a yet largely mysterious game targeted towards a subset of a subset of the current consoles installed base: the PlayStation Move owners.

    All that is known at the moment about Quadratum Mortis comes from a short description published on the developer site a few days ago, along with a single piece of concept art (see above or click the thumbnail at the bottom for the full size version), both hinting at fighting game of sorts, likely to be conceptually along the lines of Sports Champions' Gladiator Duel. More than enought to deserve attention, and feed the immagination...

    First of all, the description states that Quadratum Mortis "will be played with playstation move and navigation controllers", suggesting a control system not only requiring the PlayStation Move (there is no mention of DS3 compatibility), but potentially granting locomotion freedom as well (that is, via the Navigation Controller analog stick).

    If that's the case tho, one might wonder why the gladiator portrayed in the concept art complementing the announcement wields two swords. How are you supposed to control both with just one Move? Perhaps this is an indication that Quadratum Mortis' attack system will be based on gesture recognition rather then 1:1 tracking. Or... maybe the left-handed weapon is not actually a sword but rhater a defensive dagger, its usage possibly tied to a simple button press, just like that of a shield.

    Actually, I wouldn't mind a fighting system built upon the foundations of that of The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword (replacing the Nunchuck-shaking action for rising the shield with a button press, while preservingthe 1:1 tracking for the actual sword fighting) with the dagger being just an alternative defensive equipment to the shield, ideally with different properties (parrying vs blocking - think Dark Souls).

    Anyway, however telling the illustration might be about the game characteristics, it's nevertheless an inspired one (see more by its author, Erta? Altın?z, at this link) and hopefully representative of the actual game visual style (which appears to be powered by the Unreal Engine 3).

    Back to the official description of Quadratum Mortis, the last bit of information provided is that the game will offer some sort of online multiplayer functionality, if not be based around it: "Get ready to wield your armor and fight with your friends over playstation network!". Whether that means you'll be able to fight "against" or "along with" your friends (or both) is anyone's guess at this point, albeit the game title (that's Latin for "The Square of Death", sort of) suggests a confined space such as that of an arena. I wouldn't hold my breath for a full-fledged action-adventure game.

    As for when we can expect Quadratum Mortis to release and how (digital download or disc?) that's something we hope Lamagama will clarify when they get back to us. While the description refers to Quadratum Mortis as "Lamagama's huge project for 2012", it's unclear whether that means it will actually release this year or that this year is when production began. The development team is rather small after all (less than 10 people!) and is also working on other projects alongside Quadratum Mortis, such as Towerbot, a tower defense game with multiplayer support (still in the prototype phase), and Egg 'n' Roll, a "3D action game" scheduled for release on iOS devices and PlayStation Network in the 4th quarter of this year.

    We shall see, I guess.

    Stick around for more information about Quadratum Mortis. Hopefully it will be worth it.

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    Sounds like the fighting portion of Sports Champion, doesn't it? Using two move controllers for the shield and weapon.

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    The games artwork is pure awesomeness while the playstation move is meh. I dont take games serious which use move controllers.

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    Nice, it can be played with both. Will play it with Move though since that's how its meant to be played.

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