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    First Trailer for Satelight Animated PS3 RPG "Toki to Towa"

    We first mentioned the upcoming PS3 game Toki to Towa less than a week ago, but already here comes the first trailer. There's not a ton of in-game footage, but you do get to see a smidge.

    This video was revealed at an Imageepoch press conference, which was live streamed on Nico Nico Douga. The Q&A proved insightful as Imageepoch CEO Ryoei Mikage took questions from stream viewers. For one thing, the game will be closer to an action RPG than a turn-based one. Timing-wise it sounds like they are optimistic that it'll be ready to show off at TGS, and that it probably won't take all the way until winter to release. Where does leave us, somewhere in November? (I'm just joking.) As of right now, the game is 20% complete.

    We can expect some DLC, although it's not clear what kind. We can also expect cheaters, unless Mikage was kidding around?he said you can choose, but also cheat on your wife.

    The voice actors for the two main characters, Tsubasa Yonaga and Kana Hanazawa, presented a taped message where they seemed to contradict the official bio of the protagonist by calling him "pure" (as opposed to eager to get onto what's "after" marriage), and revealed that Toki, the heroine, has a big secret.

    What do you think of the split-second you managed to glimpse of the game in motion? Mikage joked that it was mistaken as anime by older members of his staff, so could the hitherto unknown feeling of controlling HD animation really be on its way?
    Toki to Towa Official Site
    I cant find a better quality video sadly, ill update the post if a better one pops up.

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    Small glimpse of gameplay looked good.
    Quote Originally Posted by BigDug13
    I want Naughty Dog to explore new game genres, not regurgitate cinematic corridor shooters for another generation.

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    Looks pretty! I'm now keeping an eye on this one. Between this and Ni No Kuni, maybe the JRPG is starting to come back in full force on the PS3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Equinoqs View Post
    Looks pretty! I'm now keeping an eye on this one. Between this and Ni No Kuni, maybe the JRPG is starting to come back in full force on the PS3.
    Hopefully man, hopefully! I'm keeping my hopes on the Vita now, though. Hope development costs and all are a viable choice for japanese developers and good JRPGS.
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    Want to see more. Image Epoch has taken on the task of "Bringing back the JRPG" so hopefully it will be good and they can inspire other Japanese companies to produce more new JRPG franchises.

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