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    PSU Forum Beginner's Guide (2012 Edition)

    PlayStation Universe Forum Beginner's Guide (2012 Edition)

    A huge thanks to Rebon for writing the original guide six years ago.

    As a new member of PlayStation Universe, there might be a lot of gray areas for you. Whether it be some of the forum's basic functions, or some of our features, this thread will help you get a grasp on everything you need to know about the site. Then, posting will be seamless and you'll be an active, respected user of the site in no time.

    Here's a quick rundown of what will be covered in this thread (brace yourself!):

    - Forum Rules, Regulations
    - Basic forum functions (thread making, posting)
    - The Post-bit
    - Brief explanation of the reputation system
    - Brief overview of the forum Title Ladder
    - Brief explantion of the vBShop
    - Becoming a Subscriber
    - General Information
    - FAQs


    Forum Rules, Regulations

    Basic Forum Functions


    Thread Making:

    The Post-bit

    Forum Reputation

    The Title Ladder

    vBShop / Points

    General Information

    Becoming a Subscriber

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why doesn't my signature / avatar show up?

    What do each of the username colors mean?

    Am I allowed to have multiple accounts?

    Why is my thread locked?

    Where is my post? I can't find it!

    I was temporarily banned. What does this mean?

    I was permanently banned. What does this mean?

    I don't like my username anymore. How do I change this?
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