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Pretty much! It won't really win over many gamers who weren't interested in it back in the day, sadly. I think Jaffe knows this too, but you can tell they've tried to streamline it a tiny bit whilst keeping in place what makes TM so $#@!ing awesomeDefinitely. I'm assuming that is what puts a lot of people off. On it's surface it may seem like a pick up and play button masher, but it's much more intricate and strategic than that.. which I love!It's beyond awesome, isn't it This is like a kickback to a proper game. High learning curve, deep mechanics, and a ton of diversity. PSN game my ass xDI said it a few weeks ago in another thread, the game just has that classic and oldschool vibe to it. While that may not be great for business, it's good to see Jaffe be stubborn in his ideas of what this series is all about. From my experience with this demo he has certainly deliveredAnother great title, only available on the PS3. The diversity of the system is unmatchable and uncatchable, at this point