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Yeah, well I guess I'm talking more about the last couple of years in which MS has definitely been weak on the core exclusive front. And you cant deny that MS has changed its focus to the casual with Kinect. I'm not saying the core has been abandoned but they are definitely on the back burner from a first party standpoint. And you cant deny that 360 is also saturated with FPS. I guess you could but you would be wrong.
The whole industry is saturated by FPS's. I just dont see why a company would want to add to that when they could be giving you something different, after all, I'm told thats what exlcusives are supposed to offer. And from a fiscal point of view, you're never going to compete with COD/Halo type of game.

MS holding the the exclusives off till the laucnh of the next gen.
It's been practicaly confimed that PGR5 is being made, and is bening built as a launch title for the next Xbox.

I would rather be talking to you in 18 months time about the awesome launch line up of 720 games, than the lack of PS4 games, which is what happened this gen. Although I think SOny are smart enough now not to go down that path.