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Message: couldn't find a reason the shop would deny you the purchase, so here ya go

    Modern Warfare 3 to get Infected mode

    The incredibly popular Infected Mode will be getting an official release after the private rooms and word of mouth started to make the rounds online about the game type. For those of you who stay away from the series, the MW3 Infected mode, is not dissimilar to Halo 3's Infected mode. In which two teams are split up, infected and survivors. The infected team starts off with only a few people and must then destroy the enemy team in order to "infect" them. As the infected team grows larger and larger, the survivors then will struggle to stay alive and their team will get smaller and before you know it the infection has spread and they have won.

    CoD devs clearly saw the potential in the mode when thousands of people started up servers for the game in just the past two months. The mode has been relatively successful but there is no word on if any other modes will be getting an official upgrade this year.

    What types of modes or maps do you think Call of Duty or just MW3 should start playing?

    Via [GameRanx]

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    The more modes, the better I say. Looking forward to it.

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    Not a mode I will play since I think it's stupid but others will enjoy the added mode.
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    i loved drop zone, infected sucks, so its back to domination.

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    Didn't they also get rid of Drop Zone to accomodate this mode? Ridiculous.

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