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The Jade Rings value of jade is determined by its color clarity, along with its intensity and transparency. Lavender and violet shades of jade are popular colors, but emerald green is the most expensive. Jade Bangle Jade can be set into another metal like other precious stones, or the entire stone itself can be carved into a ring. A complete jade ring is very beautiful, although it is far more costly than a normal ring. Although jade is a very valuable stone, it is not classified as a precious gem like rubies or diamonds. Jade Necklaces Aside from the traditional green, jade can also be found in a creamy whit form along with a variety of green shades. Blue, pink, and lavender-mauve are some of the popular shades used in jewelry. Translucent emerald green has been the most prized colors both historically and in modern times.
Jade Jewelry Burma has one of the largest jade deposits in the world, providing pink, orange, lavender, and emerald green stones which were often exported to the vast jade market in China. Jade has been used for thousands of years for everything from tools, weapons and art.