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    Quote Originally Posted by Worrywart View Post
    I recently purchased one and the biggest problem I feel, not to beat that dead horse, is the memory card prices. Mine came with a free 4 gig one but after downloading Uncharted GA with my plus subscription I'm maxed out; can't download anything else. I can't really agree with spending soo much for proprietary cards when I can get a standard one for soo much less. Hope in the future if no price drop for Vita then at least a drop in memory card prices. Also, a big push for titles like Tearaway and less for console quality shooters would seem like the route to go for Vita.

    I bought a 32GB Vita memory card for $99.95 original RRP is $129.95 it's a shame they don't make 64GB memory cards, it's a shame the storage is a bit limited at the moment but I guess the games and content is limited at the moment so it's not an issue.

    I was an idiot when I bought my Vita thinking $250 for a console, physical game and digital download was a great deal but when I learned that i needed a memory card to be able to play games I was like oh "there's the catch".

    Still though when you think about everything the Vita is as a piece of hardware, gaming platform and multimedia machine it's a great deal for the $$$, having no built in memory is kind of a drag especially because it's a proprietary memory card it's not like a simple SD card which would kill the cost factor I think a 64GB SD card last time I checked for a SanDisk brand was $69.95 AUD and the 8GB was like $8.99 AUD and the 16GB was like $14.95.
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    09/17 update: gave in and offered $135 which was automatically accepted. Hopefully it looks and functions like new considering its used. Cant go wrong with that price.
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