Shadow Tactics is a Playstation 3, US based, laid back teamwork oriented gaming clan. We like to consider ourselves more of a brotherhood. Somethings about us we generally will play from about 7-8pm EST on. We believe in objective over KDR. Currently we have 8 members. We recently dropped Battlefield 3 as a clan game because it simply was not clan or team friendly. And because of that some members decided we were no longer the clan for them. We only accept mature people 18+. We are looking for guys who can be active on the game a few nights a week and who don't have a problem logging into the forum for some off game participation.

Game wise we play a few but we have our eyes are set on Twisted Metal and in May, Ghost Recon Future Soldier. Our clans base series is the Socom series and from time to time we hop on Confrontation for some fun. We also still hop on BF3 from time to time.

As far as the type of players we are looking for. We need players who are team first kinda guys. Guys who are selfless and will do what is best for the team overall. Please free free to drop by our website and futher check us out. Check out our Code of Conduct to see if we could be the clan for you. Thank you for your interest!

xPSYCHOPATH410x - Clan Leader
Mattr603 - Co Leader