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    The PS Vita Wallpaper Thread

    Playstation Vita Wallpaper Thread

    The great thing about the Playstation Vita is fact you can customise the wallpaper and lock screen. Use this thread to share great wallpapers and lock screens.

    The resoultion of the Vita screen is 960x544, so make sure all wallpapers you share are that resolution. I'm pretty sure if you need a wallpaper resizing, the Design Squad will be happy to help.


    Want to change your wallpaper, lock screen or customise your icon placement?

    Want to customise your homescreen?

    Getting the most out of your photos on the Vita.

    Be careful, some image hosts compress image quality. Remember you can use something like Mediafire to share a file, that way people can get the file on their computer and not take a hit in quality.

    To keep the thread nice and smooth if you're posting tons of images, it's best to use spoiler tags, to help load times and it will help if you're browsing on a mobile device.

    Do not post anything which is offensive or contains nudity. Anything like girls in bikini's put in spoiler tags etc.

    Wallpaper sites:

    A few samples:


    Here's an example of what can be done:

    Happy Sharing!
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