This problem is a little complicated as im not entirely sure what happened myself.

I decided to try the new Mass Effect 2 Arrival DLC (on Steam) so I went to the Cerberus network and logged in with what I thought was always my EA account. Somehow I ended up either creating a new account/created a new account sometime in the past without remembering, which the old DLC is connected to. I ended up buying Arrival without realising that I didnt have any of the other DLC, meaning when I open up ME2 it lists all the old DLC which is not available. I can't remember what my old account is.

So to play the new Arrival DLC I will have to buy another online pass which is a pain, but one of my questions is if the downloadable characters play any part in it? If I cant properly play it im not too bothered by it, even though I just wasted money.

The most important question I need answering is what happens when I want to use my ME2 save file in ME3 when it hits stores. Will i be able to transfer it even if I dont remember the associated EA/bioware account? I know Steam stores the save files, but it seems like there are so many angles to this situation that i just can't fathom.

Finally, is the Arrival DLC actually worth playing, and regardless, are there any important choices in it that could affect ME3? Would you say it would be ok to just watch the story on youtube?

My thoughts are all jumbled up at the moment so sorry for this incoherent mess of a post. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Cerberus is/was such a mess. I remember when I first bought DLC like a year ago it charged me 4 times for it, causing my bank to lock out my debit card.

Will ME3 use Cerberus?