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    Xbox 360: Lionhead Countdown Clock primed for GDC?

    Seems to be the case:

    Fable developer Lionhead Studios has set up a countdown clock on its website. With 6 days remaining at the time of writing, it should end during GDC, which gets under way next week. Oh how we have missed you, pre-event countdown clocks.

    The studio revealed Fable: The Journey to crowds at last summerís Microsoft E3 press conference. Itís a first-person Kinect game complete with spell casting, goblin fighting and horse whipping. There are alsorumors that the MS-owned studio is working on the next generation of Xbox hardware.

    The countdown, then? Itís anyoneís guess.

    My guess is Journey, which would be cool. I want to see where they have taken it since we last saw their demo.

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    am i the only one to be disappointed in Lionheads output on 360 thus far?

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    Fable 2 and Fable 3 are in my top 10 for this generation for games. But I would loved to have seen more games from them. But they are a small team, so I am not surprised.

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