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Im about 2 and a half hours in and so far the game is a huge disappointment to me. For some reason everything feels clunkier and more glitchy than the last games, everything is changed a little bit and nothing explained so far. There are no interesting story elements at all yet. Where Assasin's Creed 2 started off with Ezio's father being murdered, this feels not just slow, but also very boring.

I was worried about the colonial america setting but was willing to put my fears aside until I got the game. Unfortunately so far I am really not enjoying the setting, as I thought I wouldn't. Everything looks dank and boring. I guess that's how it was back then but I am just not happy with the choice of setting. The naval stuff is the only interesting aspect so far. I wish this game would of took place in feudal japan or something else. I am also dreading that the story may take a "$#@! yeah america and freedom" turn for the worse, but I will wait and see.

I know the guns in this game are historically accurate and that the guns from Ezio's arc didn't actually exist, but gameplay wise it just feels like a step back. Also it tells me to reload with R2 but R2 brings up the weapon wheel.
I will carry on playing in the hopes it gets better but so far I just don't like it.
I am usually a huge AC fan and even enjoyed the first AC quite a lot, but there are many little things in this game that are putting me off at the moment.

I don't want to reveal too much story or anything like that but I can assure you it's not jingoistic or anything like that. Connor is highly idealistic and generally believes int the causes while his mentor Achilles and the Templars tend to shine light on other aspects like race relations and how the natives are treated. It's a nice balance. They also don't portray the founders as omniscient or infallable. They are regular dudes fighting for certain principles but as pointed out by Connor at one point you seem to need to be a landed white man to benifit etc. As for the story just hang tight. I doubt your are past the haytham missions yet. After those $#@! hits the fan and your jaw will drop. Also once you get into full combat with Connor you won't say it's a step back lol. It is leaps and bounds better than other games