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3 days ago i brought (after being talked into it by my partner as i have never heard anything good about ps3) to buy a ps3
ok so power it up insert a game works ok a bit yuck on the graphics and slow loading but ok
signed up to psn and brought modern warfare 2..have been able to play it contacted sony and activision ...
wanting to know how do i get a refund so i can buy it on the xbox? will they credit me the funds so i can buy it on a console that works?
im going to sell my playstation 3 as i never wanted one in the first place as i heard they were junk and half the games dont work online
my partner brought 3 other games off psn that dont work either...
the console is forever losing internet connectiion the graphics are horrible they are noisy this one has done nothing but freeze on every game we have put into it the move system is a joke already had a ylod and this is all on a brandnew console.....
question 2 why would any of u ever own a ps3 when xbox is far more superior in ever aspect...

so will sony refund my money for all the games and the console ?
please give me good news and tell me i can be refunded so i can forget i ever owned one of bad news telling me im stuck with it