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    Black Ops Recruiting SinfulOps [~SFO]


    I will be starting up a Black Ops clan, called SinfulOps. Anyone, any age can join, I am making it a friendly clan. We will be playing mostly Ground War (TDM and Domination), Search and Destroy, and Demolition, but we will play all game modes. We will also try and level up - I am currently sitting at 9th prestige - so everyone can get to 15th!

    You can contact me on either here or PSN, ID is matt0213 but I am aware it is down right due to maintenance now so the forums are the best option. The only things I will need to know are:

    PSN ID:

    The Age and Country will be kept personal.

    Let me know if interested in joining!

    SinfulOps Founder

    ~Members List (PSN ID)~
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    PSN ID: matt0213
    Games: Black Ops, Modern Warfare 2, Split/Second (PM me if you want to play together)

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