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    Quote Originally Posted by Pestilence View Post
    That's the point. Games are missing believable emotion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by itachi73378 View Post
    I was so impressed with this that I'm getting heavy rain next time I go to EB games. Quantic seems to really know how to do narrative
    wow, that was what i thinking Lol

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    tell me how this looks better than L.A. Noire again?

    Let's be honest: You sleep with anything that walks on two legs. Sometimes, you're not even that discriminating

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    I'll let you know.
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    I really hope QD's next game is like Heavy Rain, but set in a sci-fi setting. They could do so much with that genre.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Funeralfog View Post
    tell me how this looks better than L.A. Noire again?
    LOL If you can't see the difference between the two yourself then I'm not sure anyone can explain it to you either...Wouldn't want the eyes of anyone who thinks Kara looks the same as L.A Noire .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Funeralfog View Post
    tell me how this looks better than L.A. Noire again?
    It isn't just which looks better in single scene and such, but why they went this way instead of something like noire.
    Lets's see.

    Ability to have decent/good facial capture when acting with several other actors. (in general good for production speed and acting quality.)
    Actor can play anyone in scene and characters can have very high resolution textures, polygons and proper shaders and it's irrevelant for the animation. (well, outside the obvious muscle blendshapes and so.)

    Noire had great tech but it does have limitations.
    Face and body acting done seperately and all facial animation is basically video which of the person playing it.
    No seperatable eyeballs eyes are just 'painted on' a couple of polygons. (actor cannot look another into an eye or follow another.)
    Actors must go trough makeup and wear costume before they can act. (no alien races or trauma patients without prospetics.)
    It takes a huge amount of storage space, limits shaders and texture resolution.
    Couple of nice blog posts about OpenGL.
    The Truth on OpenGL Driver Quality
    Things that drive me nuts about OpenGL

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    It was really well done and i liked it. Can't wait to see what there new game will be.

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    That was really well done, and hopefully indicator of the next game's setting. Quantic Dream's $#@!ty writing kicked in around the three minute mark, with the tester needlessly explaining to her the reason for his disassembling her, but the actor they chose for Kara was talented enough to save the scene from both the writing and tester's acting.

    I'm eager to see their next project, but if they want to create the "mature" game that was constantly mentioned in previous interviews, they're going to need to learn to balance exposition and pacing better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by F34R View Post
    I just don't get what was impressive about an actress, poor lip syncing, and a narration that felt extremely bland. There's nothing real time about what I watched, and nothing I haven't already seen elsewhere in film and theater. The fact that it was narrated on top of a video game tech demo doesn't impress me at all. If they had chosen something else, something more unique and not so cheesy cliche, MAYBE I'd get what you guys are so impressed with.
    1) It was realtime. But not realtime gameplay. It was pre-rendered but done with the game's engine, which makes it realtime. When it wouldn't be realtime is when it's a Full Motion Video, which doesn't use the console's power.
    2) If you're going to compare games to theater and film then might as well not expect anything from video games as far as story or acting. It's just not going to be that good.

    While I think they did a great job with the acting, the lines were just $#@!ty by the middle (while really good in the beginning, no matter how cliche it was). The problem with gaming is that we don't even get "decent" acting in games and this was actually pretty decent.

    That's all we can expect right now and while the gaming industry is getting bigger which means more and more real actors joining in, we're still not there yet because if you have real talent, you'd rather make an actual movie and make millions rather than doing this amateur stuff.

    It's like saying that the acting in some porno movie wasn't anything you hadn't seen before.

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