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    Exclamation Vita CARD CASE Review, Unboxing of HOT SHOTS GOLF

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    Hot shots is getting $#@!ing hard now. I do great on my drives and approach but whenever I get to putting I fail miserably. I have no idea if I'm just assessing the slopes the wrong way or something

    The e-manual is $#@!ing $#@! in terms of how to play the game. There's more information on how to play during the loading screens. Game is pissing me off lol

    Also does anyone know what use the back pad actually has when using it. It brings up some sort of measuring tool on the floor but I don't know what it's useful for

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    Dont' worry EG5 was also rock solid and difficult so you're not the only one thinking this. I'm about halfway through though and going at a steady pace. When reading the pin when putting, if the lines are moving towards you quickly then it means it's very steep, the slower then the flatter, if it's at a stop then it's level. Same goes for left to right.

    If you're looking at a pin that's a good 20cm up from your position then expect to hit quite a lot more to get the ball near the pin. Takes a bit of practice but you'll get used to it eventually. I've been playing the series for over 8 years now so I'm accustomed to it all. xD

    The back panel is used to measure the distance of where you want to hit the ball, with this you can guestimate the club needed rather than hit and hope as the club measurement is its full distance.

    Oh and Shreeveera, no need to use bold and caps in every post you do, it's hard to read.

    I wonder why it's called "Hot Shots Golf" in the US, sounds silly.

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