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So i'm guessing the governor is just a sick bastard? But how does that explain his soldiers helping him? What exactly is the benefit of having a proper community, and as soon as you find 10 soldiers, trained in combat, instead of bringing them into your circle to help "build rome", they kill em to take their guns? When they could of had all those guns PLUS all those extra men.
There's evil and then there's just plain old stupid. The Romans were just a tad smarter lol.
Pretty flat written character, though the acting from that guy was decent!

Or am I missing something?
at a guess the military posed a threat because they are better trained and could potentially take over based on the people trusting them more.

Also Gov also wants people who he can order around without them questioning his decision or morals.

So he got supplies, weapons and vehicles whilst getting rid of extra mouths to feed that could challenge his authority.

Gov seems to be a corrupt power hungry thug playing saviour.