Post: Microsoft confirms next Xbox will not be at E3 this year
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Nothing you just said about Metacritic is remotley even true.
The number one publisher in terms of quality last year was MS.
Thats according to Metacritic BTW.

And they have beaten Sony for the past 2 years running.

Your perception of the situaiton, is not factually correct.
Sigh..... stop trying to say what is "factual" when you are the one masking it.

No. Actually. Here is the problem with average. If you release one 91 rated game, then u have 91 average. If you have 93, 92 and 80 game released, then your average is LOWER.

Lets look at 2011 Retail Exclusives
Metascore above 80

Uncharted 3- 92
ICO collection 92
Little Big Planet 91
MLB 11 90
God of War origins Collection 84
Killzone 3 84
Resistance 3 83
Infamouns 83
Disgea 4 80

Xbox 360
Gears of War 91
Forza 91
Halo Anniver 82

Conclusion: Xbox is desperately lacking in all front whether its high rated games or low rated games. Its competition is offering triple of what 360 offering. Xbox is losing in terms of both QUALITY AND QUANITY

Quote Originally Posted by mynd View Post
The fact that we would like more of it wasnt what War was saying.
I would very much like more of quality core games from Xbox 360. I am just trying to fight this senseless denial.