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    Fable: The Journey Preview: Molyneux's Final Folly

    The full preview is at the link. I have just pasted the conclusion here due to the length of the article.

    It's one of the better uses of Kinect to date, the fast-paced action being served by what seems to be an improved understanding of the technology than that seen in the first generation of titles. There is, somewhat predictably, another whimsical twist."Why can't we use your voice as well?" he asks. "A lot of people use your voice in that they get you to say sentences, or they get you to speak to people. I worry about that - even with things like Siri, I think it's a bit of a problem.

    "We're doing something different - when I play games, sometimes I talk to the screen. Sometimes I complain or I moan, or I come up against someone that's particularly hard and I say 'would you just die'. And I want to use that in our magic system.

    "With your right hand, if you use a lot of emotion in your voice it'll double the power of the spell in your right hand, and it will continue you to double the emotion as you keep on talking. If you keep on using all of your might and force it'll get thermonuclear. If you speak with sarcasm, then the magic in your left hand will become longer and become more fluid. If you shout, they'll become spiky and less fluid."

    A fanciful promise - and one that's glimpsed only fleetingly in the demo. But it's still proof that Fable, a series that was founded on ambition, will continue to be informed by it. Molyneux's departure likely won't impact the output of a talented studio that's often been overshadowed by its former head, but the promises that the Fable games have been built on will likely never be delivered with such conviction, or such charm.

    I wasn't sure of the direction of this game. But after reading this preview, it is FAR more in depth that I had anticipated. I will be getting this game day one for sure now. If you get the time, click the link above and read the entire preview. Some excellent details and history behind the game. The bold is my emphasis...but wow.
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