Post: ME3 $#@!sexuality, how do you feel it was done?
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I agree.

My wifes sister is a lesbian. I do have gay friends as well. But none of them flaunt the $#@!, nor do they act differently. You know how some gay people are flamboyant and want to make sure the world knows they are gay. My friends do not do that $#@!, and you would never guess they were gay.
Ah, yes, the pathetic "hey, I know gay people" excuse. That doesn't change the fact that you're incredibly immature and a $#@!phobe.

I also have def friends. I have friends missing body parts. Should they also have their own made up holiday? A def only bar? I think I made my point plenty in this thread. Sorry if I offend anyone, I am a $#@! after all.
There are bars for people over 40 and such. There is nothing wrong to offer gays their own places to gather. If gays want a bar where they don't have to worry about some morons like you $#@!ting up their fun, let them have them. Also, I don't know how it is in your town, but I haven't heard of any gays only bars. Only gay bars where mainly gays gather around, nothing is preventing you from going there.

There is a line between being a $#@!sexual, and a $#@!. And again, neither belong in video games or Sesame Street.

Bert and Ernie a gay couple? Get the $#@! out here with that $#@!!!!!!!!!
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Gays don't belong in video games? What are you, a fifth grader? You're $#@!ing ridiculous. And the world would probably be a better place if there were gays in Sesame Street. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay or children knowing about it. They are normal human beings who live their life, work and love just the same as you. The faster we get rid of moronic ways of thinking like yours, we can say human beings have advanced a little bit into a better direction.

And there's no line between a $#@! and gay, more stupidity from you. $#@! is a deragative term for gay, just like $#@! is for black people and Chink for Chinese.

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I've got several gay friends that I work with (since then I believe everyone should have a gay friend, on the whole they are hilarious if your comfortable with your sexuality) but that doesn't change that I don't want Shepard being gay.

Nothing immature about that. Lethal did hit the nail on the head though.
It's immensly immature. Being gay or not changes absolutely nothing, they are still the same people going through the same storyline, only the person's sex changes who he feels affection to. You are still viewing gays as being something undesirable, something that shouldn't exist in your entertainment or some bull$#@! like that, when the fact is that shouldn't matter. That is pathetic and immature.