As PSU is growing as a site, a difficult decision was made to rebuild a majority of the staff, primarily the SMC group. DarkVincent, as an exception, will be joining the ranks of the moderators. So as of today, all SMC will be demoted to regular forum members. We need a 100% active, engaged staff, and quite frankly we didn't have that. It isn't fair to PSU, or its members to have a staff comprised of people who simply don't either have the time, or the motivation to be part of the staff. Harsh words, but honest.

As a result, we will be starting from scratch on getting fresh blood into the staff fold.

This was not a decision easy to make, but myself and the other admin believe it is the right thing to do in order to try and bring some new breath into the way the forums are moderated. We have heard your complaints about moderation. We have taken steps to ensure everyone who is remaining on staff KNOWS what is expected. Hopefully this strong initiative will be the first of many right steps towards rebuilding the respect that once existed for members of the PSU Staff.