The game's campaign will run you around two hours to complete, and after there are a collection of minigames that use the Diary of Faces and a few camera-only minigames to keep you playing. If you're looking for a really deep campaign, you might be disappointed with Spirit Camera's short run time, but I felt it was just about right; the campaign doesn't overstay its welcome and the gimmick of using the camera and the book never gets too repetitive. During the course of the campaign, I found that I really enjoyed the activities in the Diary of Faces, but felt they were a bit too brief; the minigames helped extend my playsession and gave me the time with the minigames that I felt was missing from the campaign.
If you're looking or a unique experience with your 3DS, definitely check out Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir; It's unlike anything I've played on the system so far, and the use of the AR functionality, beyond just depicting characters from a card, is really well done, clever and enjoyable. If you're curious about AR gaming and getting more out of your 3DS, you should definitely pick up the game when it hits stores on April 13th.

You're looking for a unique experience on your 3DS.
You've enjoyed the AR experience on 3DS so far, but want something more.
You're a fan of the Fatal Frame series.


$40 is too high for a 2 hour campaign and collection of minigames
You get sick spinning around in circles.
You don't like Japanese horror.
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I was interested at first but i'm gonna pass on this.2 hours campaign and a lot of movements aren't exactly worth it..