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    New York Cop saves Suicidal Women

    She may not have been in his jurisdiction, but that didn't stop a New York police officer from a quest to rescue a dying woman.

    Flight attendant Averie Kenery was staying in a New York apartment Sunday when she took a bottle of pills in an attempt to take her own life.

    Before passing out, Ms Kenery called her mother and husband in Hawaii, asking them to 'tell my kids I love them.'

    SAVED: Flight attendant Averie Kenery, would have died if a hero New York police detective didn't rush to save her, the woman's mother said

    With her daughter still on the line, Beth Walz called 911, but since she didnít know the New York address, the operator had nowhere to send help.

    Frantic, Mrs Walz began calling individual police stations in Queens to find anyone who could be close to her daughter's location.

    After several calls, she reached Detective Charles Lopresti, who said he would try to find the woman.

    Mrs Walz told the New York Daily News: 'He entertained my call. Here we are thousands and thousands of miles away, but he listened to us.'

    Mr Lopresti set out to the cross streets given by the mother and rang doorbells - until her saw a flight attendant walk out of a nearby apartment.

    He entered that building and began to blindly knock on doors, until a colleague from his precinct called.

    'He listened to us': Det Charles Lopresti was led to this intersection in Queens by Averie Kenery's distraught mother, and began knocking on doors to find her

    Mrs Walz, who still had her daughter on the line, could hear the detective calling her name, and knew he was close.

    The mother exclaimed: 'She's there! We hear you!'

    When Mr Lopresti still couldnít find the woman after breaking down the door of an apartment, Mrs Walz tried to call her daughter again.

    Her cell phone ringtone led the officer to Ms Kenery, who had fallen between the bed and a wall and was covered with a sheet.

    After falling into a coma for four days at a nearby hospital, the woman awakened and is expected to fully recover.

    Mrs Walz said she is grateful for the police who had 'the heart' to find her daughter and save her life.

    She said: 'They will forever be angels to us.'

    Good for that cop saving lives. I am glad there are so many good cops out there doing their job, or in this case going beyond.

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    That's good for the parents but what does the lady do now? Be under close watch for a little then get sent home again. Sad.

    And btw cops are bad remember

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    She'll probably be evaluated for 30 days at a mental hospital, and then sent home once she is deemed "over it". Rinse repeat.

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    That's why i wouldn't want to do the job.
    I'd be pissed if i had to deal with the same people over and over again (like arresting the same guy every few weeks) frustrating.

    Guess that's just the way it goes... kudos for the effort.

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