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    Sony teases reveal next week - God of War 4 inbound?

    Sony is teasing a PlayStation reveal scheduled for next Thursday, and we're pinning our hopes on a new God of War game.

    The company posted the image to the right on the PlayStation Facebook page. It reads: "Will vengeance bring redemption? 04.19.12." The word "vengeance" smacks of God of War talk to us, and is that blood splatter on the image?Evidence of an imminent God of War 4 reveal has been piling up for some time now. The unannounced game has appeared on a number of CVs and been listed by multiple retailers.
    Recently a retailer attending Sony's invite-only Destination PlayStation event teased an imminent God of War reveal through Twitter. This same retailer also said a kart racing game based on the LittleBigPlanet franchise was on the way, and we all know how that turned out.
    Ready at Dawn, the studio behind the numerous excellent PSP God of War titles, recently is currently working on a new project, although it's believed to be for next-gen systems a PlayStation Vita entry in the series could be on the cards too.

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