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    0x10c screenshots show early build, shadows, shapes that arent cubes and TF2 soldier

    Team Mojang have hosted some super-early screenshots of Notchs new space game, 0x10c, which we still dont know how to pronounce. Redditor TL10 found the images on the official site. Theyre taken at a very early stage of development so theyre not representative of how the game will end up looking, but there are some interesting details. Firstly, look, its the Red soldier from TF2! It looks as though the team are using a low-poly version of him as a placeholder.

    Secondly, a sphere! Two spheres, in fact. Evidently 0x10c wont be block based like Minecraft, and will have a much more fancy lighting engine, with shadows, and more colourful illumination. The blue screen in the corner of a few of the shots will be the interface for the DCPU-16 on-board 16 bit ship computer, which well be able to use to pilot the ship.
    Features planned for the full game include seamless space-to-planet transitions, mining and an open universe. Find out more on the 0x10c site. Now to stare at these images and come up with a way to say the name of Notchs space game aloud. Im settling on Oxlock for now.


    Quite interested to see how this comes out!

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    It looks just like real life! :O

    Joking aside, I'm still interested in how the game is coming along. The basic premise and gameplay sound interesting. I'm just not excited about paying a monthly fee.
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    The game is going in the right direction like mincraft. I read Notch's tweets everyday and he says stuff like:

    Flashlights for spelunking (that is a flash light in those dark pics)
    Flash lights run out of battery and you have to charge it through your ship generator
    Charging things and using the ship computer will stress thegenerator so you may have to dim the lights in the ship to reduce load.
    Plant exploration (duh)
    Broken ships found
    etc etc
    I wonder when a nuclear warhead goes off, does the frame rate of real life drop?

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