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    NPD: Binary Domain sold 20,000 in March, Mass Effect 3 at 1.3 million

    Following its launch on February 28, it seems Binary Domain didn't have a very good March. According to data Joystiq received from the NPD, Sega's sci-fi shooter only sold 20,000 copies during the month. Compare that to the 1.3 million physical copies sold of the other big sci-fi game of March, Mass Effect 3.

    Of course, Binary Domain had a lot going against it. For one, it's called Binary Domain. There was little-to-no marketing, whereas Mass Effect 3 ads were everywhere and everything you bought came with DLC. In the sci-fi wars of March, 2012, Mass Effect 3 emerged victorious.

    As the last big boxed product from Sega, this disappointing performance likely contributed to Sega's decision to drastically alter its publishing strategy and issue substantial layoffs worldwide at the end of March.

    I've only played the demo for Binary Domain but I wouldn't say that I enjoyed it. Although having to compete with Mass Effect 3 wasn't a good idea either. Still, it's sad to see Sega cut jobs and cancel games as a result of the title's poor performance. Hopefully they didn't cancel any promising new IPs or their Sega Dreamcast HD titles.
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    I've only played the demo myself also and it looks like another ordinary shooter. I will rent it and if I get the chance, write a review about it.

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    I have never heard of it which is probably a very good reason why it sold so poorly.

    What arcade games do Sega make thesedays I remember in the sega Model2 days they could do no wrong with Virtua fighter, sega rally and Daytona, having epic 4 or more player races on daytona was amazing.
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    i watched my bro play the demo of binary domain and i didnt like the look of it, but to be honest i doubt many games did that well in march against ME 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sylar View Post
    i watched my bro play the demo of binary domain and i didnt like the look of it, but to be honest i doubt many games did that well in march against ME 3
    Raccoon City did pretty well actually. Over 580k copies.

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