Post: Sony doubles forecast of annual loss to $6.4bn
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The Playstation Division isn't bleeding chips. How hard is that to understand?
Previous iterations of the Playstation have sold more than twice as many units as the XBox 360 has.

What's the malfunction?

Calling a spade a spade. You guys simply won't rest until Playstation is irrelevant, will you? Other than cross-game chat (which is guaranteed to be in PS4), what has doubling the cost of the 360 since launch day gotten you? Peer-to-peer online play? Is this what you're selling us?

Here's a fact you cannot dispute. I didn't think I'd need to nuke this conversation because I was told this thread would be on track. But, here you go:

Still think anyone outside of the current Live userbase are up for this? Heaven help you if you do, now. It's even free on PC and they can't get people on-board. Everyone's worried that they'll switch up to a paid online model again.. On top of it's features being largely useless in the first place.