Domain may reveal Activisions secret Bond video game called 007: Legends

J.B. | April 14, 2012 | Comments and 4 Reactions
With the James Bond film franchise celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, there is a lot of buzz about the next Bond film Skyfall. What has remained a mystery, however, is whether Activision will release a new Bond game in 2012. But given all the hoopla, it makes perfect sense that a new Bond game will be released to mark the milestone.
If Activision is set to launch the next Bond game, it looks like we might have a very appropriate title: 007 Legends.
You might be wondering where this information came from. Well, it came from the Whois record for
In late March, Danjaq LLC (the holding company for James Bond copyright and trademarks), acquired the domain name The domain appears to have expired and Danjaq registered the name through Network Solutions. While this may not seem significant, its not the whole picture.
This week, I also discovered the domain changed name servers to, the home of many of Activisions biggest names like (Whois) and (Whois).
Though Mary Tuck, Activisions legal counsel, typically registers domain names on behalf of the game publisher, when it comes to the best 007 domain of all, its Danjaq that owns the name. According to Whois records, Danjaq is the owner of
This may end up being nothing more than speculation on my part, but with all the Bond surprises expected this year dont be too surprised to see a new Bond game released.
And what better title than, 007: Legends?
At the time of this story, Activision has made no official announcement about 007: Legends nor does the domain name resolve to a web page.
Heres a look at the Whois record for
(Image of Jame Bond silhouette in Istanbul via

So what do you think... Do you want another BOND game

me i do not, because nothing tops 007 GOLDENEYE on the N64