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    Flight Stick for the PS3?

    Hello everyone =)

    Was going to get Birds Of Steel for the PS3 and i found out that i can use a flight stick along with a USB keyboard and map the keys etc
    and was wondering which is the best high quality Flight Stick that works with the PS3

    Please help


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    Flight stick not Fight stick =P

    but thx =)

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    lol that link made me bust out laughing.

    Try this one. It is awesome!!! And expensive....

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    Op, just went through the same thing as I loved the demo but it was hard to play with a PS3 controller. So, the game is only $40 brand new and I was told to get this flight stick and I LOVE it! Stick is only $50 and is just great. Love this game!

    Here is the link to the stick. I bought mine through amazon and signed up for the trial "plus" membership to get FREE one day shipping! I then canceled it a week later as I rarely use Amazon enough to pay the $80 a year. So, I got this flight stick in one day for less than $50!

    Use this site for an awesome guide on how to set it up right away and it also works with PC/MAC for games on that. It has a PS3/PC switch on the back. I LOVE this stick. Enjoy!

    Once you use this guy's basic setup, go ahead and adjust anything you want. I actually moved my bombs/cannons button to something I felt was more comfortable. Just a great stick for the price. Also, great features for the price and just heavy enough to use without needing suction cups or velcro to hold it down. You can set it on a table or floor and whip around with zero lift of the device itself. Just awesome.

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    hotas x is fine

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