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Message: couldn't find a reason the shop would deny you the purchase, so here ya go

    PS3 Exclusive Dyad Looks (And Sounds) Amazing

    Shawn McGraths been working on Dyad for some time now, and it doesnt sound like its been a particularly smooth ride. It does as youll see from the video above look brilliant though, a clever music game that turns the genre on its head.
    Each of the games 27 different levels touch upon a variety of mechanics and goals: forming long combos, racing, surviving as long as possible, hitting certain top speeds and more, he says on the PS Blog. And the games 26 special Trophy levels have challenging alternate goals, whether its playing just by using sound or collecting objects as quickly as possible.
    Since each level has a corresponding leaderboard to track online rankings, Dyad boasts a huge number of leaderboards 52 in all, each requiring a unique set of skills to master.
    The games due out in the Summer.

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