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    Guild Wars 2: Names/Locations in OP!

    Now that Guild Wars 2 is live for Pre-Puchasers and out officially on Tuesday 28 August 2012, I've turned this thread from a beta weekend one to general discussion.

    To make it easy to find players, please post up or PM me with the detail below (bullet points) for your info to be added to the list.

    • Username
    • Guild
    • Server
    • Main Character
    • Main Profession

    PSU Member Username Guild Server Main Character Main Profession
    Varsh Varsh.9234 Apex Clan [Apex] Desolation (EU) Kimiko Zakaguchi Guardian
    Mael Duin xiahouduin.7235 None Desolation (EU) Grim Smallness (Asura) Necromancer
    *goo goo.2543 None Aurora Glade (EU) Charlie Croker (Charr) Thief
    Xelios Xelios.9876 None Isle of Janthir (NA) Officer Delicious (Asura) Engineer
    Yuuichi Yuichi.5382 None Sanctum of Rall (NA) Eunjoo (Human) Engineer
    NightOnyx NightOnyx.5849 None Gate of Madness (NA) Nightonyx (Human) Thief
    BoyBettaKnow Junglist.8792 None Whiteside Ridge (EU) Tokta (Asura) Necromancer
    Dave Netbevit.2637 Challenger TBC Peacemaker Zero Warrior
    spy966 Spiffe.1347 KISS Gunnar's Hold (EU) Spiffe (Asura) Mesmer
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