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    Official: Dragons Dogma Thread


    This re-release of the game has massive changes. They can be found and

    This is a fantastic game and I can not wait to play through the new area which is suppose to be 15-20 hours(more for us gear hunters, get ready to stab yourself all over again lol). Below I have provided a small guide to help people who are new to game, or maybe those still confused. These are all based on my experience in dumping over 600 hours into the game.

    Yuuichis Guide to Dragon’s Dogma
    Bellow I have listed some tips and tricks from my over 300 hours in Grand Soren. Obviously the higher level you get the easier the game is, so some tips and trick will become obsolete. This is made to help those of you venturing into Gran Soren for the first time, or maybe even help with a few questions.

    -Sorcerer Pawns are overall not very good
    This is to not say they absolutely suck. In fact against giant mobs, early levels and some bosses they are great. However it has been my experience that walking around Grand Soren your average fights they tend to not do much. Sure if they get off a Mealstorm it is juicy goodness, but overall they spend more time attempting to cast, moving, and then attempting to cast again without casting anything. If you insist on using one get one that just has Maelstorm and/or Miasma as its big cast while filling the rest with small cast times such as Levin. Voidspell is a must!!
    -Nexus, Acquisition inclines SUCK!!!
    Nexus................. Supports other pawns in the party
    Acquisitor ................. Gathers items frequently
    These Suck. Do not ever ever ever use them. Avoid Pawns with these combos. They make the already not so stellar AI even less so. Often with Acquitters they will leave the fight to go off somewhere.
    -Guardian, Medicant inclines are not the must have for every role
    Medicant............. Heals often and avoids direct combat
    Guardian................. Protects the hero first and foremost
    Seriously I am shocked seeing non healing type pawns with this combo. If your pawn is not a healer do not use this combo. Guardian seems good for other roles, but in fact this pawn will stick to your ass. This means if you are range and want to shoot mobs far away a pawn with this as a tank will stand right beside you bringing the mobs to you and will follow you. Strangely a healer pawn will stay back even if you are tank with this combo mostly due to long range magic.
    -Mitigator, Challenger, Unitarian, Scather, Pioneer your go to for non-healers
    Scather................. Tends to rush into battles headfirst against strong enemies
    Mitigator................. Attacks weak enemies first
    Challenger................. Attacks strong enemies first
    Utilitarian................. Uses a wide array of skills
    Pioneer................. Scouts away from the party

    Here are your bread and butter inclines for combat pawns. While the others are self-explanatory, Utilitarian means it will use more than a few skills. So a tank will shield summon more, and combat ones will even hold enemies more often giving you a chance to attack. It is a good one to have. Pioneer is great for Striders and Rangers because the often get to the fight first and have faster react time with bow skills.
    -Inclines change often
    Watch your pawn. It may have an incline combo you want but depending on a variety of things it will change. The biggest way it will change is how often you use the dpad commands. Telling them to go will often put Pioneer as main incline. Thankfully at the Encampment there is a guy that sells potion to change your pawns incline to whatever you want. You can also sit at a pawn chair in varies places and talk to your pawn giving them orders. Rental pawns inclines do not change.
    -Asalam should never be your love interest
    I will not go into much detail, but if you see pink around this guy’s head and hear the chime, drop his affinity. To do this draw your weapons, then sheath them, and repeat till you hear sound his affinity is lowered.
    - Dark boon, Lighting boom SUCK
    Yep these weapon enchantments done by mages suck. Do not waste your time getting them. I hate having pawns with them because they often do more harm than good. Nothing like getting ice boon against a mob who is ice element. Stick to Fire and Holy.
    -Higher level pawns do not hurt xp
    That’s right you could hire a max level pawn and not see one dip in your xp. So go ahead spend the extra rift crystals and get someone higher level. This is best way if you find game difficult.
    -Compliment your class
    Dragon’s Dogma has 9 total classes. Use ones that complement each other to unlock augments that will make your character strong. I like to compliment my Strider with Ranger and Assassin. Mages, Scorers, and magick archer, mystic knight complement each other well.
    -Worry about your own pawns gear
    Never equip a rental pawn with gear. You will lose it.
    -Rental Pawns do not level with you
    IF you get a level 19 pawn they will always be that. Once you pass their level get a new one.
    -Check those pawns skills/inclines
    Sure you may see a pawn that looks badass but check what skills they have and inclines. Many skills are useless, and many pawns have terrible inclines. It may take a while to find a good one, but it is worth it.
    -Save often
    You never know what is coming up and will often die. Save often because there is no restart from last battle.
    You take permanent damage in the game that does not go away until you rest. Curatives can heal this damage so when exploring bring some.
    -Your Lantern is your life line at night/Nights are tough
    Unlike other games were it is “night” but you still see clear as day you need a lantern. Nights are dark and hold monsters that may be too strong for your party at first. It is best to avoid nights until you gain higher levels.
    -Please PLEASE stop making your pawn a little kid in skimpy clothes
    Really I am just tired of seeing this. It is sick. Please do not do it.

    Overall you will enjoy your time in Gran Soren. The combat is top notch, the story is so-so, but you have the time of your life. Now get out there and claim your destiny Arisen!!

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