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    Quickflix partners with Xbox 360 for streaming rentals in ANZ

    Well, make sure you’ve got an internet plan that will handle this, folks: Microsoft has just announced a partnership with Quickflix that will enable you to stream movie and TV rentals straight to your console.

    Even if you’re on a service like iiNet’s freezone, remember that some things (like “Games on Demand” for example) aren’t part of the non-quota download plan. It’s best to check with your ISP to see what streaming via Quickflix means for your bank account.

    Says Microsoft, “The subscription streaming service will offer unlimited viewing of your favourite TV series and movies for a low monthly fee,” and will be available to Xbox Gold subscribers in the later part of 2012.

    Quickflix adds that it’s offering “a range of Hollywood movies from studios such as Warner Bros, Sony Pictures, NBC Universal, MGM, Lakeshore and Pinnacle Films…and award-winning premium TV series from BBC, ITV and HBO.”

    No exact word on the price yet, but we’ll let you know when we find out more.

    uuummmmm...Fried Beer iis a reality.

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    Uh, when he says ANZ does he mean Australia and New Zealand?

    In which case about f!@#ing time!
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    I am no longer participating in these forums, I wish all of you on the PSU Forums the best for the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mynd View Post
    Uh, when he says ANZ does he mean Australia and New Zealand?

    In which case about f!@#ing time!
    Yes, Quickflix is the Australian version of Netflix, albeit with a much crappier selection of movies and TV shows.

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