Hi everyone, I have a question about SOCOM 4. I saw it for sale at Wal Mart for 20 USD, and I was wondering if its worth getting. To help give everyone some perspective, I was a big SOCOM fan on PS2. I played all of the old games, but I really loved the original and the third games, due to the tactical, cat and mouse gameplay. The second one was fun as well, but I didn't like the people who used the M14 all the time for cheap easy kills. I've only dug into the campaign in the first game. I bought the PS3 Knockoff game, and I did have fun with it, but it never felt quite right. Anyone who has SOCOM 4, would you recommend it to a series vet? If it has a lousy online, but a fun campaign, I can get some enjoyment out for 20 bucks. I also have the PS move, so if its good with move, I'd buy it as well.