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    The 200 Skyrim Kinect voice commands...

    Will this really prove to be useful?

    Kinect support, like a mysterious stranger, arrives today for Skyrim on Xbox 360.There are 200 voice commands and Bethesda has now listed them all. Pictures of the manual are below.
    When Kinect is enabled, you have a choice of either Shouting in English - "Unrelenting Force!" - or in Dragon: "Fus Ro Dah!". You needn't press anything to bellow an English command, but you must hold the right bumper if yelling in Dragon.
    Shouts are but a fraction of what you can command with your voice. You can assign hotkeys, command followers, navigate items, Barter, manipulate the map, peruse Skills and more.
    French, Italian, German and Spanish versions of the Kinect-enabling patch are still in testing. "We'll share those dates as soon we know them," Bethesda promised.

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    I'm sure it would be quite fun to use but it would probably be quicker to use the controller to go through your inventory than it would be to sit there and say each word

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    Yup, love it. Works awesome. I won't use controller commands any longer after using this now. It's like night and day.

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