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Thread: bbc iplayer?

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    bbc iplayer?

    anyone else having any issues with iplayer tonight?

    really pissing me off, constantly freezing on start up. that and the ps3 insisting IT knows when it should be reset, rather than letting me decide. if it $#@!ing beeps at me one more time when i try to turn it off, its going to take flying lessons. sony really needs to sort that out in their next console. it really is clunky in certain areas.
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    I know you asked for last night, but, I used it tonight to watch the apprentice and it worked okay. The app itself froze twice when I was choosing what to watch, but it didn't crash the PS3 - I just had to hold down the PS button and quit out of the app and then try again. Seems to be buggy..

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