Spin-off shooter has anime influences and is intended for beginners
Capcom is bringing Lost Planet to the Nintendo 3DS with EX Troopers, a third-person shooter spin-off under the watch of Monster Hunter producer Shintaro Kojima.

EX Troopers, which will also be released for PS3, will have a visual aesthetic inspired by anime and use a "manga demo" event system much like PS Vita title Gravity Rush.

Players take control of Bren Turner, a young man that joins the academy from EDN-2nd. Other characters in the game include a female snow pirate who has the ability to communicate with the Akrid called TeeKee, and an AI Vital Suit AI called Gingira.

As you can probably tell from the quirky sounding characters and kid-joins-new-school-vibe, EX Troopers is really going in deep with the anime influences.

The game will follow the battle between the snow pirates and Akrid aliens on EDN-3rd, a planet built up of three unique bases, the player picks one as a base of operations and the choice will impact how the story plays out.

According to Kojima (no, not that one) Capcom is aiming for a 'lighter' action shooter experience for beginners. A playable demo for the game is planned for next month, so expect more details on the title in the lead up.

Lost Planet 3 is also in development, brought to you by Turning Point: Fall of Liberty and Legendary: The Box developer Spark Unlimited.