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    Sega Vintage Collections dumping lots of old games on PSN and XBLA next week...

    Way, way more Master System and Genesis games are on the way to PS3 and Xbox, including the long-awaited release of Monster World IV. Sega announced the next few "Vintage Collections," which will be sold individually on PSN and in bundles on XBLA.

    For XBLA, the Monster World Collection brings together Wonder Boy in Monster Land (arcade) and Wonder Boy in Monster World and MWIV for Genesis on May 23. On May 30, Golden Axe's arcade original joins Golden Axe 2 & 3 on Genesis, concurrent with a three-volume Streets of Rage Collection. The collections sell for 800 MSP each.

    Meanwhile, PSN will see all of those Wonder Boys, Super Hang-On (arcade), Revenge of Shinobi, and Alex Kidd in Miracle World on May 22, for $5 each.

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    If it's not shenmue then $#@! off, sega.

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