Currently, a supposedly geleaktes sheet for the upcoming Playstation 4 makes the rounds through the Internet. Thus, the PS4 will have the following specifications: The hardware should be equipped with an advanced Cell processor, equipped with 10 GB and 10 GB of working memory video. In 2D, the PS4 will reach a resolution of 3840x2160. The 3D representation will come to 1080p. Total could be two custom Nvidia graphics chips provide the video display and provide plenty of power.
Also on backwards compatibility, it is alleged in the information sheet. The aim is older PS discs without problems. Even the Playstation 4 release is called: In the 4th Quarter of 2013 it will be ready. So far, the speculation is not confirmed and not confirmed the alleged specifications. We'll keep on our course, PS4-topic site up to date. About the alleged PS4-sheet reports the website where this alleged list has, however, remains unknown.


If true,then it's very very good.Looks fake though.