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    Lacrae Request - 1,000 sp and rep

    I am requesting a Lacrae signature, no avatar.

    The size does not matter, as long as it's not against forum rules.

    Colors do not matter either, as long as the sig looks nice.

    As far as text goes, I just want "Lacrae" written on it somewhere, anywhere. It can be in cursive or regular, it doesn't matter. I also want "John 3:16" written on it somewhere. Please make it look nice and don't put them too close together. Maybe one in an upper corner and the other in a lower corner? Whatever is nice.

    Here is the image I want used:

    Whoever makes the sig that I like the most will be getting 1,000 sp and rep.

    I just want a pretty sig. It doesn't have to be complicated or anything. If you can't work with that image above, let me know.

    Thank you.

    I've had a change of mind. I do want an avatar. If possible, use this image:

    Matching backgrounds, please. Thank you.
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